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Hands-on Construction Trades

Build a better

Empowering, educating, enriching, and enlightening North Carolina trainees by providing awareness, exposure, community values and knowledge of career opportunities available from engagement with the construction industry.


Our Vision

To enhance and increase property value, economic development and social impact on the residents of North Carolina by utilizing the strengths of basic hands-on training in the construction trades. These opportunities will prepare adults, dislocated workers, youth, GED applicants, low income participants, felons re-entering the workforce, young adults not attending college and students that failed to return college.



Motivational speaker helps students strive for self-confidence, ambition, and how to sell them selves to potential employers.
• Ability to be self motivated and reliable
Course length: 8 hours
Required tools/supplies: Notebook and pencil

Construction Schedule

Trainees will prepare and review the logistic plan.


      *   Ability to self-perform work under general conditions.

    Course length:  8 hours

     Required tools/supplies:  Notebook, calculator, and pencil

Savings & Investments

Speakers from local community banks will teach students about the power of checking, saving and investments accounts. Prerequisites: • Basic knowledge of personal banking Course length: 8 hours Required tools/supplies: Notebook and pencil

Time Management

Trainees will learn how to be reliable, efficient and stay on schedule while completing the scope of work.
Knowledge of being a Supervisor and a General Contractor
Course length: 8 hours

Estimating Concepts

Students will learn the different processes used to predict the final cost of projects.


  • Ability to breakdown project cost of the scope of work

    Course length:  8 hours

     Required tools/supplies