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Mission Statement

Our Mission is to empower, educate, enrich, and enlighten residents of North Carolina by providing awareness, exposure, community values and knowledge of career opportunities available from engagement with the construction industry. The focus is providing basic hands on trades skills and implementing real life opportunities in the construction field.


Our Vision is to enhance and increase property value, economic development and social impact on the residents of North Carolina by utilizing the strengths of basic hands-on training in the construction trades. These opportunities will prepare adults, dislocated workers, youth, GED applicants, low income participants, felons re-entering the workforce, young adults not attending college and students that failed to return college.

Successful trainees who complete 12-weeks or 480 hours will receive a:

  • Non-Registered Pre-Apprenticeship
  • Certificate
  • Job placement opportunities
  • Provide job stability
  • Peer respect
  • Financial rewards
  • Earning potential
  • Business principles
  • Bank account
  • Weekly incentive
  • Website design assistance
  • Basic tool kit
  • Graphic Design Assistance
  • Maintenance tech opportunities
  • Registered business name start up (optional)

These skills will create a valuable and self-sufficient individual upon the completion of the program.

What you will receive

Construction is a trillion dollar industry, where there is more construction work than there is skilled tradesman to complete the work. Due to our economy and Covid-19 these trainees can begin to understand and focus on their surroundings and hopefully engage in the solution of these problems. These trainees will gain extra pride and enjoy the reward, while becoming more active and confident by having a skill and expertise. Getting these trainees out of the classroom as early as possible and into the workforce is also our goal. There is extreme room for growth because construction hands-on trades are in great demand.